5 Tips for Hiring a Great Web Developer

A web developer can be one of your most critical hires. After all, that’s the person who will create the online face of your company and enable you to interact virtually with your customers. So, it’s especially important that you hire the right talent the first time out. Otherwise, you risk hurting your business, as well as wasting time…

HackerRank report shows Gen-Z women are ready for the tech workplace

HackerRank today published its 2019 Women In Tech Report, which looks at developer trends across a sample of 12,000 female developers. The report paints an encouraging picture. It highlights that women developers belonging to the so-called Generation Z group possess the skills employers desperately require. The report defines Generation Z as anyone under the age of 21….

Robots track moving objects with unprecedented precision

A novel system developed at MIT uses RFID tags to help robots home in on moving objects with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The system could enable greater collaboration and precision by robots working on packaging and assembly, and by swarms of drones carrying out search-and-rescue missions. In a paper being presented next week at the…

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